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Deck Restoration Instant Estimation

Deck Restoration Instant Estimation

Get a quick cost estimate for your deck job using our calculator. Select your job type, provide the details, and receive an estimate instantly.



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Deck Service

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Complete Deck Restoration

Stripping/Rejuvenation/Sanding & Preparation / Finish Application

Deck Sanding Only

Stripping/Rejuvenation/Sanding & Preparation ( Not Finish Application Included)

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Include all deck areas, steps, screens, sidings, and handrails in your measurement. Count each step, linear meter of handrail or post, and every square meter of screens or sidings as 1m². Sum up these measurements to find the Total Square Meterage

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Existing Condition

Choose the photo which describe the best your deck surface appearance

Weathered Grey / Bare Timber

The deck has never been coated and looks silver/dark grey

Peeling And Patchy Finish

Finish start to peel & fade and surface looks patchy

Thick Finish

The wood grain is no longer visible and the finish looks like it was painted with a solid color.

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New Finish Option

Choose the finish option for your deck

Cutek CD-50 Extreme

This option includes an oil base finish with 2 coats system. The finish penetrates the surface and gives a matt natural appearance. Maintenance Frequency: 6-8 Months

Haymes Dexpress & UVEX

This option includes a water base finish/oil with 3 coats system. 1 Coat UVEX Primer and 2 Coats Dexpress Finish. The finish slightly penetrates the surface and builds up a smooth wet look finish above the surface. Maintenance Frequency: 12-14 Months

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Existing Finish And Re-Finish Coats

Choose the type of finish have on your deck

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Your Job Estimative Cost

Our Minimum Deck Restoration Job Cost Is 1,300.00 AUD

Our Minimum Deck Sanding Job Cost Is 1,000.00 AUD

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